An Independent Investigative Corporation


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Nicole Miller & Associates Inc. is a full-service independent investigative firm serving California’s educational institutions to include school districts, community college districts, JPAs, county offices of education and public agencies. With over ten years of uncompromising commitment to high quality investigations and providing consistently detailed and accurate reports to our clients, Nicole Miller & Associates Inc. has earned a reputation as the leading independent investigators for school districts in southern California. Our investigators have overseen thousands of uniform, human resource and D.F.E.H. complaints to include harassment, discrimination, hostile work environment, misappropriation of funds, employee misconduct, coaching violations, student bullying, policy compliance and many other matters pertaining to school districts.




Specializing in Professional Services For School Districts



  • Discrimination, harassment, retaliation, and hostile work environment; verbal, physical, and sexual misconduct; student safety and supervision; bullying and hazing; special education compliance and disability accommodations; CIF/ACLU violations; misappropriation of funds and theft; misuse of resources or technology; and use of force

  • Workers’ Compensation Investigations – AOE/COE

  • Background and Pre-Employment Investigations


  • School Site Safety Assessments

  • Policy and Procedure Audits for District Police/Security Departments

  • Security Awareness & Active Shooter Response Training

Value Provided

The core values at Nicole Miller & Associates, Inc. reflect our commitment to providing clients with expertly and ethically conducted independent investigations and safety and security assessments.

  • Impartial, Fact-Based Investigations
    Complaints are investigated by an impartial third-party, experienced in gathering and documenting evidence, interviewing concerned parties and witnesses, and making independent investigative findings.  Our comprehensive investigations are completed in accordance with procedural requirements and deadlines. 

  • Experts with Ethics
    Investigators are trained to handle all manner of complex considerations relating to sensitive personnel and student matters.  Investigators skillfully balance confidentiality requirements alongside our firm’s commitment to an ethical and transparent investigative process for all parties involved.